Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What should contain in a design patent form?

A design patent form needs a specification, photographs or drawings, an executed declaration or oath, and a fee. Usually speaking, the requirement includes a preamble, a single claim, a description of the drawing figures or figure and a cross-reference to patent form in case of applicability. Each portion of the requirement is characteristically started with a header that is written in capital letters.

The preamble is an opening or introductory statement of the requirement. It mentions the title of the design, the name of the inventor and a short elaboration of the intended use and nature of the article. The portrayal of drawing figures or figure is a short briefing of each drawing. The description of drawing characteristically relates to numbers of perspective views, elevation views considered from the left, right, front and back sides of the article and views regarding top and bottom plan. The description of feature might include an elaboration disclaiming parts of the article not mentioned in the drawing.

The design patent form should include a single claim that should be referred to the ornamental design in respect of the article as mentioned or described. The claim and title should agree or correspond to each other. The form should include an adequate number of references to compose a total disclosure about the design appearance. Views characteristically contain the left, right, rear, front, bottom and top of the design.

Perspective views are recommended and might be put up to distinctly project the appearance of designs in three dimensional forms. Views should be consistent with each other. In case the design has non-ornamental or is otherwise flat bottom, a portion of the bottom might be avoided in case the requirement contains a clarification that the bottom is devoid of surface ornamentation or flat, or constitutes no portion of the projected design.

Surface shading must be utilized when it is required to delineate convex, concave, raised, plane or depressed surfaces for the main issue and to differentiate between closed and open areas. A structure which is not a portion of the projected design however, is considered needed to exhibit the design of the environment might be shown inside the drawing through broken lines.

Photographs provided in place of ink drawings should not reveal and structure of environment however, should be restricted to the claimed design for the article. The declarer in the declaration has to mention every residence of inventor, identity and citizenship of the inventors and the mailing address.