Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How To Get NY Long Island Bail Bonds Easily

Not everyone who is arrested is a criminal. Even when you have committed an offense, you deserve a fair hearing. This is why bail bonds exist. Spending time in jail is demeaning and denies you the opportunity to prepare an appropriate defence. Any minute more spent behind bars compromises your chances of getting freedom. You need to gain freedom as fast as possible.

Since you are not a lawyer or judiciary staff, court processes are strange to you. You do not have a relationship with judges or even a litigation lawyer. You need an agent who is experienced in court matters to secure your freedom as early as possible. However, there are things you need to know before hiring a bails bondsman.

Bailing Process
Immediately authorities arrest you, they begin the process of entering you into the judiciary files. Personal and offense details are fed into the system. The process takes between an hour and several hours depending on circumstances. Once you are booked and in jail, this is your only opportunity to obtain bail. If you can afford the amount, you will be released; otherwise, you are entitled to a phone call where the bails man will come to your rescue.

Getting in Touch With the Bail Bond Agent
If you have a history of offences or people in your circle regularly get on the wrong side of the law, you have knowledge of a bails bondman who is easy to contact. The internet and yellow pages will also come to your aid. Before you contact a stranger, there are important factors to consider.

  • Licensing
Check whether your bail bondsman is licensed to operate in New York.  Accreditation happens after the person has passed necessary examination. Honest ones display the licenses alongside their contacts. You can verify with the licensing authority.

  • Charges
Upon determination of bail, the bail bondsman pays the amount. You commit to pay a fraction of the amount paid. In most cases, it is ten percent. Should you jump bond, you will be liable for imprisonment. The bondsman has the authority to use a private investigator to track and arrest you.

  • Contract
Like any other service, do not proceed without a contract. All points agreed on must be included in the contract. The contract should capture the fees, payment schedule, payment terms and applicable interest rates. You must also sign the indemnity agreement. You might be asked to provide proof that you can pay.

Work with a professional and reputable NY Long Island bail bonds agent. With everything entered on contract, the chances of disagreement are reduced. Experience and professionalism are important every step along the path.