Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

Although divorces are usually the stuff of messy public fights and jostling for assets and children, some can be very civil and avoid all the drama. When couples divorce, they usually want everything to get done with as quickly as possible as each feels the need to cease any interactions with their estranged partner. If you and your partner want to get everything over and done with as fast as possible then you should opt for uncontested divorce in Georgia. 


What Is An Uncontested Divorce?
The term ‘uncontested’ when used in terms of divorce proceedings indicates the legal reason behind the granting the divorce. This does not in any way imply a consensus on the reasons behind the divorce but acts as a simple acceptance by both parties that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This is very different from a ‘no-fault’ divorce. An uncontested divorce implies that you and your soon to be ex have agreed that you need to proceed with your divorce in a civilized manner and that all the property that has been acquired during the subsistence of your marriage is going to be split fairly between the two of you. Also included are the pensions, savings and debts relating to your union.

How Does It Work?

When couples opt for an uncontested divorce, the underlying understanding is that the splitting of the assets and obligations will be done in a way that is sensitive to each’s partner’s needs. This presents a quicker and cheaper solution to both parties ass the lawyer can take the agreement, financial affidavits and parenting plans to the judge.

When it comes to the issue of child support, the OCGA 9-6-15 guidelines come into effect and they override any agreement by the parties to the case. There are a few exceptions to this requirement which pertain to extreme disparities in incomes, extraordinary medical expenses, and travel for visitation among others.

it is therefore important to seek the services of a seasoned lawyer in Georgia who has the right experience in handling uncontested divorce cases. You can take your search to the internet and use some input from family and friends as well. it is also important to compare the options before you in terms of their track record, and reputation in the market.