Thursday, 3 January 2013

Some simple steps to write a provisional patent application

A patent is basically a set of rights that are given to the inventors in order to protect their invention from getting copied or stolen. A provisional patent serves as a low cost place holder for duration of up to 12 months before the time that you file your patent. Additionally, it costs less than a patent as it is quite simpler to file excluding the legal claims and also a costly back and forth rejection. The main purpose of provisional patent is that it locks the date of your future patent claims till the date you file your provisional patent application, which is usually a duration of 12 months. Below mentioned are some important guidelines that can be helpful in writing a provisional patent application.

·         The most important thing is to prepare a written description of your invention. Although, the USPTO suggests using Form PTO/SB/16 as the cover sheet, but there are as such no official forms available that explains your invention in a provisional patent. It is important to explain your invention by starting with a few lines that mentions the background of your invention. This should be continued with a paragraph summary and concluded with a description of the drawing.

·         In order to strengthen your future patent application, it is imperative to ensure a broader coverage. For instance, if you had invented a device that was designed to transport people through thin air from one place to another, you can broaden the description by including various animals as well as inanimate objects.

·         It is also suggested to include as many drawings as possible. You can either draw the entire invention through multiple angles or some important specifications. You can also include information that is related to how the invention connects to other systems or how do the users employ it, if at all applicable. You can also use circled three digit numbers with the lines pointing to the components in the text of the application.

·         It is also necessary to include all the accompanying documents along with the patent application. It is recommended by the USPTO to include cover sheets that identifies the application as a provisional application for the patent. It should also include the names of the inventors, title of the invention, attorney information and also the correspondence address. 

·         The last step would be to mail all your description along with the accompanying documents as hard copies to the USPTO.


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